Compliance & Risk Dashboard


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Record Assets

You already have well-defined controls, but it’s nearly impossible to keep up with the speed at which applications and services are purchased and provisioned in the cloud. Reduce the Shadow IT burden by allowing teams to identify and report new cloud services regularly. Everyone can easily see which cloud services are approved, which ones need review, which ones are being retired, as well as what type of data is stored and processed.

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Track Risk

When reviewing applications, services, and vendors for regulatory compliance, you inevitably find issues that need to be addressed. We help you quantify the relative importance and risk of each issue to the overall business so that everyone can see what needs priority attention. You can then easily track those issues through all stages of remediation and provide at-a-glance status for your overall risk profile to all stakeholders.

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Give Credit

Compliance + risk work can seem never-ending and thankless. Resilience and safety comes from humans, and giving people credit for their work results in higher engagement and improved acuity for identifying and mitigating risks as they emerge. People get excited about how they are helping to improve the company risk profile rather than dragging their feet about the rules. Empower your team to innovate with confidence!